Quality, safety and the right equipment is the key to success for us and our staff

Advantage through effiency

We are constantly working to optimise work processes and implementations for you and for our employees. With targeted training and further education of our employees and the continuous improvement of our performance, we drive ourselves to fulfil ambitious goals.
Meeting your expectations is not enough for us, we would like to exceed them. We will be happy to advise you extensively on our cleaning solutions and work together on a strategy to increase your productivity.

Together we upgrade your machine - in appearance and efficiency

With our service and with the correct selection of Lanko chemistry, your plant will receive a visual upgrade. Maintenance is much easier on a clean machine and production capacity is increased - there are fewer web breaks.

  • Blue Safety Helmet Lanko Service
  • Storage area Lanko Service with packed equipment

We have a special focus on safety for you and our employees

A risk analysis specially adapted to the respective application serves us as the basis for a safety concept to prevent accidents on site. We are insured against damage to plant and machinery and only use specially trained and certified personnel.

  • Number of boxes Lanko Service, packed equipment
  • Packed protective suits and high-pressure cleaners, Lanko Service

The special equipment provides ideal conditions for good service

We use special equipment for our cleaning, for example the Lanko XLF Foamer and various high-pressure systems. Special climbing harnesses, chemically resistant suits and special masks are used to protect our employees.

Certified according to ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification enables us to guarantee that our products and services meet customer expectations as well as the legal and official requirements relevant to the product or service. In addition, we are subject to a continuous improvement process.