Effective use of skilled personnel for cleaning machines in the paper industry

Advantage through effiency

We are on the road for you throughout Europe with more than 100 assignments annually and have great expertise for various types of systems. Our staff avoids unplanned downtimes. In addition to multi-day operations during major shutdowns, interval cleaning during daily shutdowns, we also offer maintenance work and are already in long-term partnerships with several companies. Our staff is technically trained, available at short notice, fast and effective.
Tailored to your needs, we are guided by the availability for cleaning the machine and coordinate closely with you so that the use is effective and cost-saving for you. With our expertise, we develop the best cleaning solution for your machine together with you.

Expertise - Lanko Service


With the founding members of Lanko service as 3rd generation papermaker in combination with Lanko International est in 1934 this is nearly over 90 years of papermaking, chemical engineering and cleaning expertise coming together. This combination brings our service to the next level:which is what the modern papermachine needs: cleaning efficency to the perfection.

Strategy - Lanko Service


We Orchestrate:
The best cleaning results which tribute to runnabillity improvement in an industry where time availability is of the essences can only be achieved when all components are orchestrated in the right mix and Murpheys Law is not infect.
We control these ingredients:
We know our customers, machines and paper grades. We produce our own cleaning chemicals to the highest standard and well balanced. We select, educate and train our workers. We build, maintain and check our equipment. We adapt, monitor and adjust our schedules and we learn.

Workforce - Lanko Service


Working in the paperindustry is tough. Heat, moist, late long shifts, dirt, being away from home, heavy physical work, time pressure are opsticals our crewmembers need to overcome. We select those who fit the job and teach them to be a specialst by internal and external courses with practical field trainings on our site and at our partnersplants. The well being of our workers is the base of a longterm employmentship. We are proud to say that have grown from 0 to over 50 workers with the highest moral and motivation.

Equipment - Lanko Service


We don't want lose any precious time during a service wasted on bad or wrong equipment. In our Lanko Workshop we build and maintain our equipment which is double checked and sealed before it leaves after selection to be used on site.

Quality and Saftey - Lanko Service

Quality and Saftey

We are constantly working to optimise work processes and implementations for you and for our employees. With targeted training and further education of our employees and the continuous improvement of our performance, we drive ourselves to fulfil ambitious goals.
Meeting your expectations is not enough for us, we would like to exceed them. We will be happy to advise you extensively on our cleaning solutions and work together on a strategy to increase your productivity.

Our focus is on our well-trained staff and is a guarantee for good cleaning

The internal safety training takes place for our employees at least once a year, which is specifically geared towards use in the paper industry. The general safety training (VCA training) is a standard for us and offers our employees a step model in training.

Through Lanko Chemie training, we are well prepared for any contamination. Our highly trained foremen ensure a smooth process and coordinate large and small teams at your site.

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